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This website is being built with Small businesses in mind because the cost of education is a huge burden for all businesses. When you think about educating a person on safety, health, disease, or focus. Many businesses are not willing to spend several thousand dollars a year per employee to do so.

The solution is to make it possible to purchase classes for all of your employees to use on their own time or during training. I worked for VRS for a couple of years and was most impressed with the variety and quality of the training provided. I am giving you the opportunity to have that broad spectrum of training and resources for five dollars a month per person. Regular cost per membership is ten dollars per month this year and may well go up to twenty next year like many membership websites.

There is a fair amount of evidence scientifically for the improvement of overall health and happiness for educated employees. There have been companies that have tried it, with some pretty good results. There are a number of large companies that have put supports for healthy choices in their cafeteria and snack shops, provided a gym, made a garden, encouraged outdoor time, these are all great steps in the right direction.

We build a custom link to all resources for each company. If you want to run it in house we will even build up the classes on DVD for you. The disadvantage to that is that you don’t have the constant updates. You would still have the materials and access to Social media, Forums, and the website with all the other resources. The advantage is that you know they watched it, you can test them on the information, You can use the quiz section from online classes.

Education is the key to HOPE in a world with lots of stress, pollution, pressure, and pain.

Payment can be made monthly with an invoice system or auto pay to our bank account. Please Contact Us

I designed this website to inspire, give help for today’s challenges, and hope for a better tomorrow. I praise the Lord that created heaven and earth for the many gifts he has bestowed on me. Here I share with you the wonder and joy of our world. My prayer is that you will find things that inspire you, make you feel better, and bring you joy.


The Gift of Cancer Prevention and Healing
The Gift of Diabetes Improvement “Not a Death Sentence”
The Gifts of Exercise Classes
The Gift of Heart Disease Prevention
Gifts to Relieve Stress
The Gift of Herbs and Spices Introductory Class
Obesity Understanding patterns and Biochemistry for healing
The Gift of Stress Reduction
The Gift of Chocolate Class
The Gift of Wild Edible Plants Class
Coming soon a class on Adverse Childhood Events ways to combat and heal

Resource Gifts Available
Gift of Gardening
Please come and learn about Herbs, Dehydrating, Drought Tolerant plants and so much more. Gardening is something that I love and hope you will too. Let me help inspire you to grow a few things and enjoy doing so. Gardening is healthy and healing.

Gifts for Health
Art is one of those things that allows us to express who we are, enjoy creating with our hands, and fill our lives with beauty.

Exercise should be fun. Now saying that it has and is not always fun for me. But there are ways to make it more fun and finding what works for you is important. Because if it works for you and even better yet if you enjoy it you will stay with it. There are so many short and long-term benefits to exercise. Trying new types of exercise can help you stay or get in shape.
is not just for sustenance it should be enjoyed. God gave us so many great foods to enjoy. I don’t like everything and I am probably what most would consider a picky eater. I have learned so many ways to make food more enjoyable. I wish to share with you a few of them.
Stress is such a big part of our lives these days. Even children get really stressed out and worried about our culture today. So how do we make choices that allow us to let go of stress and anxiety? Let me help you explore a number of simple things you can do to relax.

The Gift of Animals and especially horses. We are just starting to understand all the benefits of riding on horses. There is something very empowering about being able to guide a horse and complete tasks with a horse.

Gifts for the Planet
Some simple ways to make your life a little greener and less complicated while making the plant a better place to live for everyone.

Gifts for Parents
Parenting is something that been both a joy and a trial the last twenty years of my life and I am sharing some of the things here that were most helpful to me. I also have included some of my favorite songs for kids.

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This website is created for educational purposes and you should consult your professional care team on any lifestyle changes you are making. You will have to take personal responsibility for how you use the information.

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