Gift of Living Greener Cleaner Lives

Gift of Going Green

Why go green? For me it is because it is healthy choice in many ways. If you recycle, up-cycle, reuse, choose wisely, and live responsibly there are rich rewards. First reward is that it saves you money in so many ways. Secondly it is good for your health, you have less trash, you have less frustration, and you have more time. Thirdly it makes you feel good and one good choice leads to another which makes life more enjoyable.

We live in an age that allows us to use digital advertising. This is huge when it comes to waste paper, time, and energy.

Air Cleaners
I have a Hunter air purifier that I purchased used and it seems to work really well. There are lots of kinds out there and I have only listed a few here.
Ozone plus Purification

It is one of the fastest growing plants depending on the type. It is a very renewable resource and products from bamboo are extensive from spoons to flooring


What do honey bees or other bees have to do with making your life greener. Well it is simple bees pollinate most of the food crops that we eat so doing something nice for bees like growing things they like is a great way to help them out while helping ourselves out. The bees around my place love the herbs I grow, mint, basil, anything with flowers. You can also grow many other kinds of flowers just for look pretty that bees will love. I was surprised this week to see the bees in my corn, going through the tassels.

What we buy will affect not only our wallet but many other parts of our life. We enable companies to grow and thrive by what we purchase. Making wise choices to encourage companies to be cleaner, leaner, and healthier is a great decision. Specifics lie in the area of processed vs fresh, local vs shipped, organic vs pesticides.
Buying bulk when you can makes a difference in packaging cost, waste, and price to you usually. If you have to buy bulk and donate some of it to a food pantry or church potluck.

Clothes line or rack
I know that people spend a lot drying their clothes. At about .45/load depending on how much you pay for electricity the average family with 4 to 5 loads a week would pay 2.25/week. So you would save $92.40 a year. I do less laundry now that my boys are away at school but I still dry it outside about 9 months of the year. I also bring it in and put it in the dryer for about 5 minutes after being outside to rid it of unwanted insects.

I love feeling good about the choices that I am making. I enjoy planning and doing things that make me healthier, save money, and make the world a better place. I love to upcycle, reuse, recycle, and restore.

Best to use glass, most practical as a mom some paper (renewable resource), glass, hard plastic that doesn’t leach for cold foods. Burning the paper plates or composting them. Washing the plastic silverware or using regular.

I have an incredible interest in natural things that can be used for color. I had fun experimenting with berry dyes for painting horses. I have looked into them for painting pictures. I have watched the textile experts in India use all vegetable dyes to make beautiful fabrics. I have been interested in companies like Glory Bee that have done a great job of coming up with all kinds of colors and products for the home that are non toxic.

Part of going green is making really good food choices for yourself and for your family. Finding these food choices can be tricky. But I have put together a few of my favorite places here.

I have mostly recycled furniture, my dining room table is probably older than I am. The two hutches in my dining room may be older than I am. That says two things about them, they were well made to begin with and they were not throw away items. Consider a few things when buying furniture.
Do I like it well enough to keep it long term?
If I choose to part with it can it be donated so someone else can enjoy it?
What is it made out of, will it improve or be a detriment to my health? Mattress materials especially can be questionable.

What would it look like if you stacked up all the garbage that is not recycled in month, a year, lifetime?
What do I want for my grand kids or the grandchildren of others?
What did I do this week, month, or year to make the world a better place.

Fund Raising
Looking a raising money for really good organizations while at the same time acting responsibly. Here I plan to share some of the great ideas I have seen people use. (coming soon)

Grow your own Garden

Green Ideas
Ecooviliageregularly post really amazing ideas on facebook.

There are so many ways to build green. So thinking about choices in materials, cost, longevity, lighting, recycled materials.
Wooden sinks art

Soap many kinds from crafters
Then there are lots of recipes and places to learn how to make your own. I should have some coming soon.
Wool dryer balls Lots of choices here and great prices

Lighting (coming soon)
I hope to have a number of great links here soon but am trying to wade through the full spectrum vs led and find companies with LED that are full spectrum for growing and other uses.

Organic (coming soon)
Adventist Agriculture 2019 Want a great learning experience put this on your calendar.
I hope to focus on Organic farms and healthy practices here.

Options (coming soon)
Great products that I don’t get commission on but love.

I have learned a bit about organic natural places to find or make pigments for painting. I hope to have all kinds of recipes on how to soon.

Paper recycle, re-use, up-cycle

Personal care products
Pads and tampons replacing the throw away products from crafters at Etsy.

Solar Power
Iteksolar manufacturing company
Hot Solar Solutions

Recycle, re-purpose, reduce use if possible. I am a bit geeky so that is a hard thing for me. It is something I am working on though.

Tooth paste
Natural toothpaste is such a blessing. We have been sold on the big brands though advertising for years. They put all kinds of things in them I don’t want in my mouth.
There are brands like Adams

Articles on why to go green

For those of you willing to invest the time into making your own there are rich rewards. I have had so much fun making deodorant that is healthy, feels good, works well, and smells great. I should have video’s posted soon and available to members on all of the great products that I have made. Please see the how to video’s for recipes and directions.

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