The Gift of Stress Relief

The Gift of Less Stress and Reliving stress

I love doing art to help me relax. Just doing something creative with my hands with flowers, brush, wood, all have great advantages.

My first year in College I didn’t have a horse with me. I need to find other ways to relax. Baking helped, I had a great time relaxing making cookies for the friends we had in the dorm. So chocolate chip cookies were my go to for relaxing and feeling good. I didn’t use it very often but it was great fun and made people on the receiving end smile.
I have fond memories of mom making break and allowing us pieces of dough to play with. The smell of that baking bread was wonderful. We could make anything we wanted with our piece and enjoy it later when it came out of the oven.
I love to bake simple meals like sliced potatoes with garlic, salt, basil, and oil on them.
I love the smell of fresh baked muffins with berries or apple pie.

There are few things in this world that help me relax as much as a hot bath. Water of many kinds can help us relax and even trying a foot bath may do it for many people. A foot bath with magnesium in it may help even more for some. Hydrotherapy comes in many forms and can be really helpful for relaxation.

Bible Study
Bible study helps me focus on good things and that is important for relaxing. I live in a very stressful world yet having God’s promises, the stories of how he has lead his children in the past, carried them through trial and triumph. Some Bible study gifts for you to enjoy because I love sharing Bible studies.
Gods Gifts To Women
God Loves Kids

Cooking can be one of those creative joys in life. I love to cook and explore new food choices and flavors. I especially love to cook something fresh out of my garden. Today I made stir fry with beet greens, chard, crook neck squash, onion, and garlic. I also made hummus and at it with chips, garden fresh tomatoes, and basil. I enjoyed walking out in the garden and the woods this weekend and eating blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I hope to pick and save enough for blackberry pie in the middle of winter. It is a very refreshing dessert. I love the fall, and am blessed by each seasons gifts.

To focus on things you wish for in the future and dream a little with maybe a pinch of planning in the mix can be very relaxing and enjoyable. We all need things to look forward to and enjoy sometime down the line. I have worked on getting a tour of gardens together for this next year. I think it would be great fun to travel around and take video and pictures in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Then bring them back to share with the Gifts That Lift Us membership.

Exercise can be relaxing for your muscle and in turn for the rest of your body. There are tensing exercises that actually help the muscles relax. If you have ever watched a cat get ready to sleep some of them seem to go though a series of stretch as far as you can then let go exercises. We as people can do the same thing. Tense a group of muscles then let them relax. You can try it by clinching your fist then slowly releasing it.

Getting Organized
So organizing your time, house, garage, storage, room, kitchen, and work life can help you cut back on the stress you feel. I am stressed if I can’t find my keys, phone, purse, or glasses. I had to drive 15 miles extra because I was carrying my phone around while traveling and left it behind. So I had to back track to find it. That was an expensive organizational error. Usually it is just that I leave it around my house or at the barn. So there is the battle between having it where you need it when you need it and not having it in the way when you are riding or working with horses.

Hanging Out
There is an art to this that is so easy with some people. I spent time with the most wonderful people this last weekend. Just got to hang out and feel at home. This is or can be very restful. I recently enjoyed a nice ride with my teenage son. Time with family and friends is something I value.


Hiking or forest grazing as the Japanese call it is really good for your health. I love to go out in the woods and look for funny squirrels, chipmunks, deer, and other wildlife. I also love the trees in deep forest and yesterday I was in seventy five feet plus Ponderosa pine in central Oregon. They are so beautiful. I also went hiking this weekend through gum, oak, cedar, pine, Doug fir, and a number of other trees on my friends ranch in Winston. The trees make me happy just driving though them. Something about the green passing by, or the flowering dogwood in the spring, or the many colors of maples in the fall. God has given us so many good things to enjoy.

Gift of Writing
The gift of writing can be helpful for relieving stress in many ways. Letting go of feeling, expressing frustration without hurting anyone in the process, speaking of process it sometimes helps me to process things if I write it out. I make list, plan for organization, work on projects, vent, and prepare for the future.

When the Bible says that laughter is good medicine in proverbs it is true. When you laugh you help your body relax. On occasion I have laughed so hard that I cried. The emotional release that happens to the brain and body during laughter is positive. I have a couple of movies that do this for me just watching the preview can do it. Mom’s Night Out, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Veggie Tales, do it for me. You can find your own favorites that make you laugh. Remember if you are too stressed that you may need a hot bath first.
I have friends that make me laugh and just being with them inspires laughter and relaxation.

Massage has so many benefits, you can do self massage of tired feet, go get a stress relief massage from someone. Human touch is one of those things we miss out on because we get to busy, to disconnected, and to damaged.

Sometimes I need focusing music and classical or hymns seem to do it for me. I relax and am able to be both creative and happy with good music. I frequently go to bed with a CD playing in the background. When I am working I like to have classical music going in the background. It helps me stay focused, happy, and alert.

I so enjoy petting cats, loving on dogs, spending time with my horses, and working with numerous other animals, reptiles, fish, and birds. They were all put here to be enjoyed by humans and perform a service to each other and God. When you touch an animal it is good for your health.
I have worked for a little over a year With Blue Mountain Therapy Riding

Water Therapy
Water just listening to it has so many benefits. That is why camping next to a stream or a river is so relaxing. Just sitting at the beach, walking along the shoreline, listening to the waves at night. These are all healing sounds. So if you can’t get out in person and enjoy the real thing bring some home from the links below.

Relax with a little Time Out
Time out during the day. So here I have a few video’s that I hope you find a few seconds to a few minutes to enjoy, no matter where you are.
Running Water
Ocean with birds
Light house and waves

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Bible Promise Books There are lots to choose from.
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