The Gift of Improved Diabetes

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The Gift of Understanding
Part 1

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The Gift of Thoughtful Breathing

The Gift of Good Nutrient Choices

The Gift of Setting Goals

The Gift of Feeding and Building your Body

The Gift of Supplements
There are a lot of things that can help you when it comes to suppliments. This is a short list of the things that research says will improve the ability of the body to regulate sugar. The why they work has to do with each individuals needs so consulting with someone that understands the testing is always a good idea. Careful monitoring is also critical!
Supplements and Herbs that can help
Flax oil capsules
Protandim by Lifevantage
Vitamin A precursers beta caratene best from foods like carrots
Vitamin B maxi
Vitmain C in Sodium Acorbate form
Vitamin D at least 2000iu daily
Vitamin E
Vitamin K2
Seaweed sources of iodine and trace minerals such as chlorella, spirulina, or kelp
Chromium Picolinate
Coenzyme Q 10
CBD oil by CTFO
Protandim by Life Vantage
(words of caution here all supplements are not equal so choose carefully, then use carefully especially if you are on insulin because it may very well shift how it works. A good wholistic practitioner who will monitor and guide you through the process.) All changes additions and such are potentially hazardous so make them carefully and generally slowly one at a time.
The Gift of Growing Your Own Food

The Gift of Recipes for life and Health
I highly recommend The Full Plate Diet Book. I have lots of recipes but this is a great inspirational cookbook.
Great Holiday Chocolate Blueberry no bake cookies

Healthy Carob Cookies Recipe

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The Gift of Support Check out our personal Health Coaching options

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