The Gift of Motion

The Gift of Motion
Please be cautious whenever starting a new get into motion program. If you are under professional care or have medications you should be monitored carefully by a health care professional.

Walking is my favorite way to move and most of us have been doing it since we learned as kids. The worst part about being an adult is that we do so many things that are not walking or in motion. I have to plan to take a walk. I also have to plan to do exercise which is part of keeping in motion. I have learned that I have to do more than stretching if I would like my knees to keep working for the rest of my life without a rebuild.

I enjoy so many types of motion but my favorite are done in the great out of doors so most of the video’s here on exercise will be in my yard or some place even more beautiful if I get the chance.

I want to start with the stress relief stretching video for shoulders and neck.

There are a lot of good reasons to keep moving. First for the joy of being able to move. I have had enough injuries and illness to feel really blessed to be able to move. There are benefits for bone density moving helps our bones stay healthy. There is the use of calories that are consumed when we exercise. I like to bike, hike, kayak, swim, walk, and enjoy playing games such as volleyball and basketball. Finding what you enjoy and doing those activities often makes keeping in shape easier.

Equipment that may Help
Exercise Ball
Exercise Ball Introduction

Exercise Ball More fun things to do
This can be a very dangerous piece of equipment if you are not careful. My kids have had a good time but done all kinds of strange and dangerous things on them. So be careful, very careful if you get one until you understand how to used it and not get hurt.
Low impact with Exercise ball


Bouncing 2

I have a number of other programs that I have done over the years to stay in shape. These are great for the person who needs to stimulate their matabolism.
Interval Training
Jumping Jax

Elbow to knee

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