The Gift of Cancer Prevention or Healing

The Gift of Cancer Prevention

Understanding the Causes of Cancer

Breathing Thoughtfully

Detoxing the body and the mind

Drinking and Hydration
Hydration Water for life and Health

Most water should be filtered to remove toxic metals, pollution, chlorine, and Floride. I use a britta which takes out most of the worst of it. Kagan water filter and ionizer, Berkey, Reverse osmosis, APEC, Pur filters, and Britta pitchers or tap.
These are in order of price so kagan about $5000, Berkey About $250, Reverse osmosis filters from Apex $200 to 350, Pur about $15 to 50. Britta about $15 to 50.


Healthy Fats Omega 3s, Coconut Oil, and avocado’s

High Omega 3 Chocolate Cookies

This Holiday Corob video is loaded with healthy fat and great superfoods.

CarobCookies from Judy Woodworth on Vimeo.

Nutrition How did we get here? Where do we need to go?

Healthy Foods Library

Recreation Time to rest and restore, time to rejuvenate, time to sleep, time to play, time in nature

Stress Reduction
The choices we make about our attitude, work, play, recreation, and sleep.

Caring about others, caring for ourselves, making good choices, living a life with purpose and vision

Personal Care Products, Household products, what you put on your skin, what you put in your clothes, materials your clothes are made from.
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