Wild Edible Gifts Events

The Walla Walla Valley
The classes on wild edible gifts in the Walla Walla Valley will invite you to some of our more wild spaces to enjoy time with nature and learn about a number of native plants. These plants are easy to find in our valley and you can learn how to grow them in your own space. Find places to forage for them. Learn about their their health-promoting properties and learn ways to enjoy them.
The classes will vary in times that they start so once you sign up and register a reminder text or email will go out the day before the class.
Cost is $60 for the class, The class will run in 1 hour to 1.5 hour sections depending on day and daylight.
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This 10 am to 3 pm Seminar or class will feature muffins with berries and smoothies to begin. A walk through the forest to collect and identify plants by sight, A lunch snack with greens, Jerusalem Artichokes, and berry pie. A time to collect berries and greens. A lecture on the collecting and saving of seeds. A lecture with a demonstration on the preventative and restorative properties of wild edibles. A tea collecting and making a section with tasting.
Weather is a consideration though we have indoor places to be one would be wise to bring rain coat, rubber boots, umbrella, maybe even gloves.

Cost is $60/ person with the food included in the price. Families with children are welcome and the discount for children is $20/person. So child price is only $40 for the seminar.

There will be paper bags provided to collect into but you may wish to bring your own bags if you want to collect multiple items and label them. You may wish to also bring a tub or bucket for blackberries.
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