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Some of my favorite Bible Study tools are esword a great downloadable tool. esword
I also use Bible Gateway when I am online to search for things in the Bible. Bible Gateway
Another great place to search is Ellen G. White Estate database for Bible topics or commentary.

Judy Woodworths Author Biography

Hope Challenges Cancer

I wrote Hope Challenges Cancer to encourage myself to make good choices and stay away from the fear factor after watching my grandmother and mother both fight cancer. I also hoped to inspire others to healthier happier lifestyle choices that would prevent a number of other diseases as well.

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I researched some incredibly inspirational books while I was working out how to heal from cancer and how to prevent it. Some at the top of my list would be Rethink Food,
Outsmart Your Cancer,
Stress Less,
Anti-cancer A New Way of Life
Eat To Live
The Full Plate Diet
Dr. Day Another great story and hopeful website.
I also watched a number of Ted Talks on cancer. I have a favorite Dr. William Li.

I have learned so many things this year and one of the ways to do that is through webinars and documentaries.
Some of my favorites that you may wish to check out are here
The Truth About Cancer
Chris Wark Square One
Chris Wark blog
Beyond Chemo
Dr. Susan Humphreys on Vitamin C

Parasite cleanses When I came home from Mauritania I realized that I needed to do something about the in my system that I picked up there. I also thought it was about time I did something about the ones I had when I went. I have linked to some of the helpful research I found here.

Resources for Parasites
Herbs that Eliminate parasites (article)
Lyme Disease and other serious parasites
Lyme Disease plus
Parasites Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

Terri Heagy has a great inspirational blog as well that is well worth looking at.

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