Herbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices Classes
Herbs and Spices Beginners Class.
This class walks you through some popular herbs to grow in your garden and some of the benefits of doing so. I share some of my joy in growing herbs. This is a video class with some written parts.
Class cost is $39.00

Herbs and Spices for Health and Healing
This class is for those who wish to prevent having medical issues or that are suffering from any number of them already. I have used the herb to help detox from heavy metals so I will cover some very helpful herbs for that. I have also had Hepatitis and we will go over helping the liver through Herbs. I have researched a number of herbs and plants used to both prevent and treat cancer. I have a section on herbs that help strengthen the immune system. There are herbs used to heal Malaria.
Class cost is $39.00

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