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I designed this to inspire help for today, hope for a better tomorrow. I praise the Lord that created heaven and earth for the many gifts he has bestowed on me. Here I share with you the wonder and joy of our world. My prayer is that you will find things that inspire you, make you feel better, help you make those healthy choices that bring you joy.

Gift of Gardening
Please come and learn about Herbs, Dehydrating, Drought Tolerant plants, composting, seeds, and so much more. Let me help inspire you to grow a few things and enjoy doing so. Gardening is so healthy and enjoyable.

Gifts for Health

Art is one of those things that allows us to express who we are, enjoy creating with our hands, and fill our lives with beauty.

Exercise should be fun. Exercise is not always fun for me. But there are ways to make it more fun and finding what works for you is important. Because if it works for you and even better yet if you enjoy it you will stay with it. There are so many short and long term benefits to exercise. Trying new types of exercise can help you stay or get in shape.

The Gift of Food (Recipes and Resources)
Food is not just for sustenance it should be enjoyed. I don’t like everything and I am probably what most would consider a picky eater. I have learned so many ways to make food more enjoyable. So here I wish to share with you a few of them.

The Gift of Stress Relief
Stress is such a big part of our lives these days. Even children get really stressed out and worried in our culture today. So how to we make choices that allow us to let go of stress and anxiety. Take a look and we will explore a number of simple things you can do to relax.

Gifts of Living Greener Cleaner Lives
Some simple ways to make your life a little greener and less complicated while making the plant a better place to live for everyone.

Those who sign up for membership also recieve a $240.00 credit for online classes that are offered by Gifts That Lift Us. The classes we have now are in Art
Painting Christmas Bulbs
Painting Rocks
Painting on paper
String Art

Edible Wild Plants

Technology Classes
Photo Editing

Pathfinder Honors
Digital Photography

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