Gifts That Lift Us Affilates

Affiliate Sales Representative
Sell memberships in Gifts That Lift Us

What you get when you sign up?
30 days worth of advertising for social networking every month.
Annual membership in Gifts That Lift Us
Access to all of the classes and resource materials on Gifts That Lift Us for a year.
As long as you have to build a business your next years’ membership dues will be subtracted from you last check for the next year. You will have the input and social interaction with groups that are selling Gifts That Lift Us online education and products.
You get a custom page that people sign up on for memberships. This is tracked so you get that commissions from your sign-ups. You get access to video exercises, stress relief videos, parenting help, health and wellness tips and articles. Social Media updates on new products and promotions

You don’t have to figure out how to advertise that is set up for you and emailed to you on a monthly basis. You will have a mentor that will send you marketing materials and company updates.

The total value of your package over $500. Cost to you $120.00

Receive 50% of the membership dues for residual income from each membership signup.
People paying $15/ month you take home $7.50
With your first 100 members, you get $750 a month
People who sign up for the year at significant savings pay $120.00 You get $60 on that next check
When people sign up for 5 years you get half of $600. If someone wants to join and enjoy the benefits of the community and resources for the next five years they save $300 and you take home $300 with your next check.

Let’s take a week when people are interested in the next holiday and you advertise with the provided materials. 1 person signs up as an annual, 5 people sign up for monthly. You make a total of 97.50 for the week and get paid on Monday. If you advertise every day on social media or local to your area the next week and something similar happens you get the 37.50 plus 37.50 plus 60 or total $135.00 for week 2.

You can keep doing this and building residual income. In a week you do nothing you will still get the residual check from the customers.

In months that you’re promoting and adding new people After 3 months $450, 6 months $900, and 12 months $1950.00. Just building slowly over the year you would have $1950.00/month. By year 2 you could have $3900.00 in residual income and by year 3 $5850.00. Year 4 $7800. year 5 $9750.00 in residual. There are no guarantees but once people join the chances are they will stay with the program and love it. This is a growing company and you have the privilege of getting in on the ground floor.

You are required to use only company approved and provided advertising for your web page. You are not an employee of Gifts That Lift Us. You will receive an I-9 for tax purposes at the end of the year.

This is not unlimited the company will cap your page at $10,000.00 a month. The company does this so that you will have the privilege of building income for someone else. This is a hand up a company that is interested in your health and balance in life. It is also a God-given privilege to share and help others your working system of getting leads can then go on to help another person, family member, a stranger in need, or friend.
Please allow up to 48 hours for your link to come through as we have to build you your own page. Then you will recieve a membership welcome, All of the libnks to enjoy it. Your page to sign people up on.
You are required to be a legal adult to be an affiliate. You will need to sign and return a contract mailed to you.

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