Gift of Horses

Horses have always been one of my favorite animals.

Why because they are beautiful and amazing creatures.   I have enjoyed owning a number of them over the years and they have given me joy almost daily.

Here I am going to start at the very beginning when it comes to getting to know about horses and having fun with them.

Starting with the parts of the Horse


Visual of the Parts of the Horse for you to see there are more than just presented. So you can continue learning from this picture. You also can look this information up if you need it.

I want to talk a bit about learn the way I feed my horses now. I have used all kinds of hay and tried out many grains so this is just where I happen to be at this point in time. The basics are the same but you have to adjust to where you live and what is available.

I want to add a few pictures of grains here. I have used many different kinds of grain but these are some of my favorites.

Whole grain oats are a wonderful feed.

I love these organic grains and have used most of them. My horses ate fresh millit from the garden this fall. I don’t grow enough for them to have it through the winter but enjoy feeding it to the stalk and all in the fall.

I love growing pretty heirloom corn too. The horses only see the ears that are not very good though because I don’t grow enough to feed them through the winter. They only get a few stalks and ears in the fall.

We should learn a bit more about what we use on horse so lets start on Tack with halters.

Bridles learning the parts starting pictures. Should you need to know here are some very helpful pictures.

Listing of bridle parts

There are many different kinds of bridles to choose from so a lot of it depend on what you wish to do with your horse. I have ridden with a number of different kinds of bits and bridles while working at Summer Camp. The key is in your hands and as you ride you will gain the ability to check and release at the right time for you and your horse to communicate.

I also wish to look at Saddles so you will have a basic understanding of the most common types of saddles. The first one is the Western Saddle and there are dozens of types of western saddles.

I also like this image and you may find it useful.

Parts of Western Saddle 2

Working with horses is better done with a person who has been trained. So learn all you can and if possible find a good mentor that will share their knowledge and horses with you. Horses can be very expensive investments. They take a lot of time, money, and care. They are a great way to learn responsibility. They are a lot of work generally, even if you have a great setup.

Please enjoy learning about horses from the links, video’s, and educational materials here. I invite you to use the information wisely. Horses like humans are living creatures and though instructors, parents, and other responsible adult can take many of the risk out of riding horses. The possibility of getting hurt still applies. We live in a word where it is altogether too easy to get injured because of the choices we make or things that are out of our control. I speak from experience because I have had a number of injuries. I grew up learning most of what I know the hard way. I would wish better for the children I teach. Please be very aware and alert when working with horses. They are big powerful animals and can hurt you in a heartbeat if they get frightened.

Before you Ride
Dressing for the part
Boots are a very beneficial addition to your attire. Depending on the style of riding you plan to do you can choose the best boot for the job. Here are a couple of examples.

Western Tall Boots
Western Medium boots
Boot style shoes

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