The Gift of Seeds

The Gift of Seeds
I spend a lot of time working on seeds the collection of them it seems. My yard is under a lot of shade so when I grow things like carrots I seem to have lots of seeds and no carrots. Not sure the shade is all of it but it seems to factor in. I also have chard, kale, spinach, and chives seeds all of which are great for fall planting.

Fall planting seeds offer for September or until I run out of seeds.

The Gift of Seeds
These are some of my Favorite Seed Catalogs and places to get seeds.
Annies Heirloom Seeds
Baker Creek Seeds
High Mowing Seeds
Heirloom Seeds
Growing Organic Seeds
Jakes Seeds
Livingston Seeds
Mountain Valley Seed Company
Seed Savers Exchange
Seeds of Change
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Territorial Seed Company

Etsy has amazing seeds from all over the world.

After you have purchased all of those wonderful seeds and are thrilled with the way they grew, tasted, smelled, and performed. Remember you can save your own seeds and try them out next year. So I have a few video’s on this you will want to check out.
Kale Seeds

Basics for saving seeds. I have been doing this for a number of years and learned a few things along the way that I can share with you. First get your seeds good and dry.

I set them out in the summer time while it is above 80 degrees during the day in my house. This year I dried my chard outside on the line by hanging the stems upside down on my clothes line. So even if it sprinkled the water will run off quickly. Usually I spread seeds depending on the kind out on paper plates, paper bags, boxes, napkins, or regular plates.

Storing Seeds
Then put them in glass or dark plastic containers. I love to used old vitamin bottles, glass canning jars, recycled peanut butter jars. I have used plastic containers I can’t see through but don’t like them as well.

Labeling may be important to you. I tend to think that I do not wish to take the time to label and didn’t for years. I was not selling my seeds and could tell them apart to some degree. When you get to the point that you have fifteen varieties of basil, fifty of tomatoes, and herbs that you are harvesting seeds from for the first time labels become a blessing. Labeling ideas I have tried start with writing on the container with marker. I also have a dream of someday having all my plants named on the computer and being able to grab the names put them in a label maker and print them off so I can use them as needed.

Types of seeds are very important because of when you plant them and how. My tomato plants I want to give a running start. I want them going inside in February.

Herbs can also be kept inside or started early.

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