The Gift of Organic Produce Plus

I hope you find lots of great things to eat at these places.
Great Resources for Organic and Heirloom Products

Food Organic and non GMO
Andy’s Market My local grocery store that has such a wonderful selection of organic products.

Azure Standard Great place for organic grains, bulk supplies, huge catalog.

Charlies Produce I know who they are because they buy from organic farms and deliver to people. They also have the greatest paint jobs on their trucks.

Frog Hollow Farm This is a fabulous place place to explore new varieties of tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and many other wonderful farm produce items.

Krueger Pepper Farms One of my favorite places on earth. They grow all the most wonderful peppers in the world. Melons that are amazing, tomatoes, beans, grapes, cucumbers. Many wonderful organic products. Check out their web site or better yet if you get close to Wapato check out the stand and bring home some new things to try.

Palouse Brand

Palouse Heritage Heirloom Grains

Thrive Market

Trader Joe’s I have been to one in the Seattle area. They had a great selection then and I have friends that highly recommend it.

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