My first bit of dehydrating this year is these peaches and apricots. IT took almost three hours even with them sliced thin. Peaches are really juicy so it takes a lot of time. I used my convection oven. Last year I wore out both of my dehydrators doing mostly mulberries and mint. The joy in that is that I had home grown mint and mulberries to eat all winter long.
I would like to get a sun oven going so that I can use the great out of doors and the energy of the sun to dehydrate tomatoes, berries, bananas, peaches, nectarines, Plumbs, and other things should I find time.

I also have done some really fun dehydrating with fruit leather mixes. So doing fruit leather is fairly uncomplicated. Choose the fruits you want to dehydrate, blend them up, oil your pan, and pour the mixture out in it. The mixture should be fairly thin to begin with and the end product should be even thinner. You can make all kinds of fun mixture with whatever you have handy or like best.

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