Gift Certificates

The Gift certificate you see can be emailed out to the recipient very quickly with instructions on how to use it.

Cancer Prevention Class
The Gift of Cancer Prevention $120
This class includes a number of video’s to help you make healthy choices and habits every day. This class is 5 hours long if you watch all of it. The class also includes a digital version of my book Hope Challenges Cancer. A library of Healthy Cancer Prevention Recipes. Resource and References for many helpful Cancer prevention strategies.

The Gift of Diabetes Improvement $120
This is a series of video’s that will help you understand what causes Diabetes. How to improve your Diabetes or prevent it. How to switch out the foods that are killing you for ones that build up your immune system. How to set reachable goals and stay with them. The ability to sign up for our Diabetes Health Coaching.

The Gift of Heart Disease Prevention $120
This is a series of video’s that will help you understand what causes Heart Disease. How to improve and prevent it through diet, exercise, stress reduction, and thoughtfulness.

The Gift of Obesity Prevention and Healing
Plan to learn the many factors effecting weight loss and the frustration that goes with it for many people. Learn creative ways to help your body feel full and nourished.

The Gift of Stress Reduction $60
This is a series of video’s that will help you use many strategies to reduce Stress. There are a number of references for foods and herbs that help reduce stress. Essential oils for stress reduction.

The Gift of Art Lessons $10
This is an hour-long class with multiple small segments for fun crafts and painting.
Price $10/lesson or purchase a year-long membership to get access to all the lessons.

The Gift of Riding Lessons
Local to Walla Walla Valley, Washington State, United States of America
Price $20 for half hour lesson or $40 for an hour-long lesson. This also includes links to the online lessons available for members, kids in lessons, and those who want online lessons.
One Hour Lesson

30 Minute lesson

$120 annual Membership in Gifts That lift Us buys access to all of the resources, recipes, video’s, gardening information, and parenting guides. Plus it includes access to a class a month or the equivalent of 12 $20 classes. This is the end of the year special.
Membership may also be purchased at $10/month until March 2019. Then it will up to $15/mo.

The Gift of Herbs Introductory Class $20.00 Basics on many popular herbs and the benefits of cooking with a few more of them.

Gifts That lift Us 5 year Membership $600. This is our most expensive but also our greatest savings offer with a value of over $1200.00 it gives one use of all the classes that have been developed so far plus a number of classes that are coming in the next five years. This would include at the very least Art, Cooking, Health, Fitness, and DIY. This comes with a Flash Drive that one can use on their computer with easy access to all of the classes.

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