Judy Woodworth Author Biography

Author Biography
In my books I share things that I am passionate about and enjoy. I write from my home in College Place, Washington. I have two growing boys that I love dearly. I enjoy riding horses, kayaking, hiking, biking, walking, and swimming. I love to garden. Growing things and trying new foods are some of my favorite things in life. I love teaching horsemanship, writing, videography, photography, exploring new places, and travel. I like working with my hands to build things or do DIY projects.

Creamy The Curious is the story of a beautiful little colt that was born to my mare Honey. He was so precious as a foal and so full of personality. He at six is still quite full of personality and getting to be a better ride all the time. You can read His story in Creamy The Curious I and II about the many adventures he had growing up. Creamy The Curious III which hopefully will be ready soon talks about his continuing adventures and his maturing as a saddle horse.

The Medical Biography part tells a fair bit about my personal health struggles. Hope Challenges Cancer came from the research motivated by those challenges.

I love all animals and especially love being outside and enjoying them. I recently went back to Sunset Lake Youth Camp and was surprised again by how friendly the deer are there. They are so used to people they stay and watch to see what you might do. Recently the feeding and care of a lost baby squirrel became a part of my morning. Such a funny looking little creature with a rat like tail until it gets it’s hair. Because of my animal adventures I hope to write more fun and funny children’s books.

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