Coaching Packages

Our goal is to put the tools in your hands that will allow you to feel your best.
Good Coaching enables you to find your best self, improve on your strengths, and find the tools to make your life great.

Judy Woodworth is a Health and wellness coach with a B. S. in Biologist and a B. A. Religion. She is also an author, teacher, and researcher with extensive education in health, wellness of mind and body, and healing. She has been helping people make good choices for their health and happiness for many years. She coaches from a Christian perspective with respect for each person as a child of God.

Why by a package deal for your coaching? Simple you can gauge how much you want this to cost you for setting up your goals, working on them with support, and having regular evaluation and feedback with a new strategy.

Bonuses to any package are that you get to have access to many materials and self-education courses that will help you be successful. You also get fun classes that you can take just to enrich your life.

Our Gold Package

The Silver Package

The Bronze Package


Beverly Morris ” I had a spot on my arm about dime size that looked like the one the skin cancer doctor had taken off a year before. I was a little concerned, but was on vacation. So, I thought I would deal with it when i got home. Judy saw it and put Bentonite clay on it. We left it on overnight. The next morning we took a look at it. The brown coloring to it was gone and it was the size of a pin spot.
My dog had a cyst on his side and it was very large with a white top. Looked like any minute it will split open. Judy had me put Bentonite clay on it. The next morning it was a lot smaller. After a couple of days it was a tiny little lump.
I am now trying it on the big brown age spot on my Mom. So far it has lightened up after 2 treatments.”

Contact me by email for a free 15 minute call and lets talk about your goals.

Adding this to your diet can make you feel so good!

I have faced a number of health challenges in my own life that have sent me as a researcher to look at classes, self-education, and ways that I can both help myself make better choices and prepare for a full, healthy, joyful life.
I still have pain, brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, stress, unhealthy food desires, and the occasional down day. I know how to help myself with all of these now. I am rarely sick for more than a few hours. I feel better than I did in my twenties. I work hard both physically and mentally on a regular basis. I am blessed now to do many things that I am passionate about and love doing.

I give you the option to pay as you go with an hourly rate that can be broken down into 15-minute sections allowing you to pay as little as $30 at a time. This is for those that want to make changes but are on a really tight budget. This is after the initial $120 that will give you access for the year to many resources.

Disclaimer we can’t give medical advice, what we can do is show you how to understand your body, find tools to help you mentally and physically and give you options that you can work on with your physician in charge so that you can have your lifestyle changes monitored. Please be aware that tools that make one person feel great may not work for you in the same way because of your biochemistry. Every new tool should be tried with caution.